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Why your Android Phone cannot make or obtain calls?

there are numerous easily solvable troubles that could cause this problem. It is able to be which you're in arrears in your month-to-month invoice, you are in a dead spot (rare, but nevertheless takes place) or you've got left your Android Phone in aircraft or do no longer disturb mode. If none of these are the case, it is likely something more critical, along with bodily damage or malware. Whilst you can neither make or obtain calls, even in case you're nonetheless seeing missed calls and voicemail notifications, you have got a hassle. There are many motives for this behavior, but in most cases, it is no longer difficult to restoration.
Fix Issue With Not Receiving Call but Getting Missed Call Messages-Brightontech
Fix Issue With Not Receiving Call but Getting Missed Call Messages-Brightontech

Check your network connection

Whilst rather rare, dead spots still abound. You may stumble upon this whilst underground (in a basement or on mass transit) or in a far off place. Reception issues can also occur in case you're near the border of every other country, and your phone thinks you're roaming.

Make certain that flight mode isn't on.

Whilst this mode is enabled, mobile networks are disabled, and incoming Android Phone calls are sent to voicemail. If wi-fi is on, you can still surf the net and send messages using statistics, although. Pull down from the pinnacle of the phone's screen to access brief settings or visit settings > network & net > aircraft mode. Make sure flight mode is disabled.

Make sure  your mobile data is enabled.

To check,  go to settings > network & internet >mobile network. In case you're linked to a network, you have to see your service provider's name, which includes AT&T, improve Verizon. If now not, it would say now not linked or roaming.

Contact your service provider.

Have you paid your bill? Even when you have auto-pay set up, which could fail due to troubles with your financial institution or a technical glitch. Your service has to alert you to this, but it could be via SMS. If there isn't a price problem, technical aid assists you to take a look at for other troubles or alert you to a place outage. If none of the above is the hassle, restart your phone. Doing so fixes many troubles even the most mysterious.

Occasionally malware hits android phones.

There are some steps you may take to cast off malicious apps out of your tool. Rebooting your Android Phone in secure mode is a great manner to become aware of problems.

Reset your android phone or factory reset.

This can deal with casting off malicious apps and different tricky data, but make certain you have backed up important information before doing so.
If all else fails, the problem is probably due to hardware harm. Contact the manufacturer or provider to find out if it is well worth repairing, or the way to get a substitute. If you could, carry your Android Phone to a nearby shop so the tech can behavior a few troubleshooting.


These issues can occur on any Android smartphone, irrespective of the operating gadget or manufacturer. However, the format of the settings app varies depending on if it is running stock android or a changed model from Samsung or some other corporation. Maximum more modern android gadgets effortlessly have a seek characteristic in settings.

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